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Mornington Peninsula Shire Council: Case study

CX Loop worked with the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council (MPS) earlier this year to understand their service request process. We focused on three different departments, Customer Service, Traffic & Transport and Buildings Management.


CX Loop provided an external perspective on their current state and put forward several recommendations on opportunities MPS could implement. Enabling them to streamline the process and improve the efficiencies of their staff and systems.


The Mornington Peninsula Library

MPS was about to transition to a new CRM system when they engaged CX Loop. (Source: MPS)

Anticipating and Navigating Future Change

The Process Improvement Team knew there was a transition about to happen within their CRM system. They engaged CX Loop Consulting to identify and map the key customer journeys that support the Customer Experience Strategy and wider Council Plan for MPS into the future. Pinpointing customer and staff pain points and opportunities to reduce complexity, create efficiencies and improve customer experience.


CX Loop conducted extensive research through both documents, system review and stakeholder workshops in our approach to understand the business. The stakeholder workshops highlighted a strong appetite for improvement and a united passion for delivering high quality and compassionate service to the people within the municipality.


This information was collated by our Service Designer, who developed two comprehensive Service Blueprint documents to visually display our findings and identify the process pain points the stakeholders experienced.

Revealing user Pain Points.

We collected 62 pain points where opportunities for improvement were required, from the three working groups.

A summary of these include:


  • Duplication of service requests created when customers report through multiple channels (with limited capacity to identify duplicates.
  • The categories list within Merit (CRM) needs to be updated.
  • No consistent SLAs in response across the business.
  • Limited to no consistency in the way services use the current CRM (not mandate).
  • Integration between the CRM and the Objective system.
  • Integration with external contractor systems (2-way integration for reporting and updates).


We focused on highlighting and identifying the root cause of pain points within the current processes/systems. Enabling stakeholders from all departments to understand the issues experienced by their peers.


Mornington Peninsula shire Customer Service Map

Example of a service request actioned by Customer Service and Buildings Management department.


We were conscious that there are many other service departments across the organisation. And so it is our suggestion that MPS continue with this project to accurately map out all their key services. This ensures the findings are communicated with the implementation partner during the configuration period of the new CRM to meet organisational requirements.


“Mornington Peninsula Shire Council engaged CX Loop to supply facilitated workshops, data extraction and customer journey maps forming service blueprints. We have been very impressed at the level of professionalism and expertise Brendan and Maricarmen demonstrated. The understanding of complex processes and the ability to map them out whilst engaging stakeholders has resulted in positive outcomes for our team.” Benita Sankey – Service Improvement Officer


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**NOTE: This is a CX Loop Case Study based on a project conducted by CX Loop in June – July 2022**