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Ten in Ten with Mark Fazio – How to Be a MATE with Your Customers

“People can forget what you did for them, but they never forget how you made them feel.” Mark Fazio CO-CEO MATE Internet and Mobile.

This month on Ten In Ten we chat with Mark Fazio – Co-CEO at MATE Internet and Mobile.

The story of MATE Internet and Mobile is a great one. Started by two identical twin brothers in their Aunty’s backyard in Western Sydney, MATE has grown to establish a national presence and is creating fans along the way.

Mark is a true believer in the power of positive CX in order to compete with long established brands in the Telco space.

MATE is a great example of how Customer Experience can be used to carve out a place in a competitive Australian Market.

In this episode;

  • Learn why Mark’s Auntie still cooks for the company every day.
  • Discover what it means to be mates with your customer.
  • Why good people are the future of CX.
  • Why the world game is a central part of MATE’s plan.

And much, much more.


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