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50 year User Journey – Super Fund Case Study

Overcoming Customer Experience assumptions and Revealing User Journey needs

A leading super fund approached CX Loop with the goal in mind of creating a user journey which encourages and assists members to stay with the fund long term.

As we dug deep into the motivations of their existing members, Our qualitative and quantitative research revealed some surprising new insights for the organisation.

The outcome? A high standard current state service blueprint, a new understanding of the segmentation of their membership base and the insight to enhance the experience of their members for years to come.

At CX loop our goal is to leave customers delighted. Read on to see how we achieved a delightful outcome for this leading super fund.

User Experience Design

A specialised Industry Super Fund

Our client was a super management fund which has been in operation for over 30 years.

It is dedicated to the management of retirement wealth of the Australian legal community.

In the pursuit of providing the best possible customer experience for their members, they identified the need for a greater understanding of the needs and preferences of their members. The end goal was to uplift their membership experience and user journey. This is a core component to retaining members once they have been acquired.

A Lawyer Behind His Desk

Our client manages the retirement wealth of legal professionals. (source: pexels.com)

Our client was under the impression that customer personas would be effectively segmented by job title and income range. However, the CX Loop team soon revealed this not to be the case.

Empathising with our client’s members.

The CX Loop team was tasked with digging deep into the experience of our client’s members. The goal was to identify behaviour patterns, problem areas and enquiry types from existing member data.

The CX Loop team decided to undertake further surveying and interviews. Using the quantitative and qualitive data to develop a more in-depth picture of their members.

Woman Wearing Gray Cardigan and Eyeglasses Leading a Workshop

Team and one-on-one workshops were crucial for collecting data. (Source: Pexels)

Members and non-members from across the legal industry were quizzed on pain points regarding their interactions with their super fund. All from varying age groups and professional backgrounds.

A Breakthrough insight into Customer Personas

The synthesised data from these interviews lead to a revealing discovery. Member needs were determined by the life stage of the member, rather than their level of income.

Much of the background information and existing member segmentation referenced more towards a member’s occupation or salary band

For example.

Two members aged 30 and 45 may earn the same amount of income but their investment preferences will be more likely to align with members at the same life stage as them.

This insight, along with others from the surveying stage provided clarity on the current sate value propositions for the super fund.

This deliverable included clearly defined value propositions for key product and service offerings and highlighted the connection between what the members valued and desired from their super fund and what the super company was offering them.

Deliverable: Service blueprints for a 50 Year User Journey

The CX Loop team then produced detailed service blueprints. A holistic visual representation of the end-to-end processes which involve members and internal stakeholders.

A user journey map spanning the customer experience at Legalsuper, produced by CX Loop

An example of a Final Service Blueprint produced by CX Loop for our client.


These helped our client’s customer service team to identify and view all members pain points and opportunities in alignment with their member persona journey in one glance.

The service blueprints would enable the super company to truly understand the inner workings of the business with respect to the internal team’s interactions with the members.

The data for these blueprints was collected through multiple group workshops and one-on-one sessions with our clients.

By identifying key stakeholders, their processes and the key pains the internal team face at each stage, opportunities for improvement were highlighted. These could further inform strategic initiatives.

A representative from this leading super fund expressed her delight at the detail and impactful content of the final service blue prints.

“The team at CX Loop delivered our current state service blueprint to a high standard. They worked well and facilitated workshops with teams across the business, with great energy and enthusiasm, and delivered to a high standard within the agreed timelines” – Manager, Experience & Engagement

With the help of the CX Loop team and their service blueprints our client will be able to take more informed steps towards achieving their goal of retaining existing members and growing their membership base.

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